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2024 Talk Dates

Alternate Monday and Tuesday mornings

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We’ve changed the days of the Monthly Meetings to alternate Mondays and Tuesdays to allow more time for chatting afterwards over a coffee or tea, at the Goods Shed. This is a most important aspect of the u3a.

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Tuesday 18 June 

Dr. David Bullock

“The Entangled Bank”

Charity – Gloucester Wildlife Trust

Dr David Bullock, Chair of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and former National Trust Head of Species and Habitat Conservation. 

He is fascinated by our relationship with the rest of nature, including man made landscapes that can have high nature value, like old orchards and parklands.

His work has included studying the impact of non native species on native and the restoration of native trees and reptiles to a group of Indian Ocean islands.

The title of his talk for us is “The Entangled Bank”

In the talk David will speak about our natural environment and explore where we are and what we could do to improve nature networks in our County of Gloucestershire.

“It is interesting to contemplate an entangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent on each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us. … There is grandeur in this view of life…..”

(Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, 1859)

Charles Darwin described the complexity and beauty of an entangled bank.  That ‘entangled bank’ is at risk.  The planet is heating up, we are losing an intimacy with nature and our government may loosen protection of nature including on farmland.  

Can we put the warp and weft of the natural fabric of life back together?  What can we do to make Gloucestershire and Tetbury richer in wildlife and so restore that ‘entangled bank




List of 2024 talks

Monday 15th January


Anthony G Rudall

’Dead Dogs and Chiggers’

Dairy of an Amateur Adventurer.   A chigger, not to be confused with a jigger, is what we would call a harvest bug.   They cause extreme irritation and itching and sound most unpleasant. I am not sure where the dead dogs come in, but, hopefully, not too graphically.

Tuesday 20th February


Michael Norton, MBE

“The Colours of Water”.

This talk given by Michael who has fifty years’ experience in the field of water resources, working in countries all over the world, is about how water is distributed over the planet and its role as “bloodstream of the biosphere”.  Water is described in the colours of blue, green, grey and black and mankind uses water for a range of purposes. Michael has served as Professor Associate at Brunel University and as Visiting Lecturer at Oxford University School of Geography.

Monday 18th March 


Chris O’Grady

Keep the sea on your left, remember to turn right at Land’s End

Chris spoke to us once before about his walk to Rome and the kindness of strangers.   This was entertaining, instructive and inspiring.   This is another walk along the entire coast of England and Wales. Tales of a haphazard trek around the edge of our “Sceptred Isle”.

Tuesday 16th April 


Kirsty Murray

Longfield Charity

Many of us will know of Longfield and may well have personal knowledge of the organisation either as a volunteer, a client or because of their excellent charity shop where one can always seem to find what one needs.   Our Speaker will explain more about Longfield, how it operates, the people involved and the work it does.

Monday 20th May 2024


Stewart Linford

The Remarkable Story of our National Chair: The Windsor



Stewart built from scratch a multi-million £ furniture making business in High Wycombe that won him the Queen’s Award and the Freedom of the City of London. As an award winning member of Toastmasters International Speakers club he is a maestro of interactive and exciting story telling whatever the occasion.
He created a Winston Churchill armchair in the early noughties, people said he looked a bit like the great Man; That started an exciting journey as a Churchill lookalike culminating in his magnum opus: The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill.
Stewart loves enthralling his audiences drawing on decades of experience creating luxury in wood, a degree in wood science and a degree in education. He is a member of the International Churchill Society and President of Thamesdown Speakers Club of Royal Wootton Bassett.

Tuesday 18 June 

Dr. David Bullock

“The Entangled Bank”

Charity – Gloucester Wildlife Trust

The title of this talk is taken from the last paragraph of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and will particularly reference what we should plant in a climate changing world.  David is the retired Head of Nature Conservation in National Trust and is now Chair of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.   

Monday 15 July

Peter Gill

The Jerry Lee Lewis Story – with visuals and piano.   

What more can I say?

A return visit by one of our most popular speakers.

No meeting in August

Tuesday 17 September 

Roger Browne

The Great American Song Book. 

With piano.

Roger came to us in 2022 to much acclaim.   He is an accomplished pianist and an amusing and knowledgeable speaker.   

Monday 21 October 

Nick Brazil.  

Pangbourne to Split, a Balkan Adventure.
Diocletian’s Palace Split, Croatia.
Nick spoke to us in 2023 about weird inventions and many members said how much they enjoyed his talk and his sense of humour.
This time, he has an illustrated travel talk for us encompassing some of Europe’s most stunning Cities, including Munich, Ljubljana and Zagreb, finishing in Split.  

Tuesday 19 November 

Jenny Mallin

A Taste of India

My Grandmother’s Kitchen at Christmas

No meeting in December

2025 Talk Dates

Monday 20th January 10:30am

Mark Steeds

St Wulfstan Citizen Saint

Mark will talk about the geo-political background that led to Wulfstan becoming the last ever Anglo-Saxon Bishop. It will include the miracles associated with him that culminated in the banning of the slave trade between Bristol and Ireland in 1090.

Tuesday 18th February 10:30am

Paul Barnett- Port to Port: The Sharpness to Gloucester Canal

Paul will take us on an historical journey along the length and breadth of the canal, from Gloucester Docks to the Severn at Sharpness, which opened in 1827.

Monday 17th March 10:30am

Paul Riddick and Roger Bellairs: Community Connexions


The team will talk about the service provided by Friends of Tetbury Community Transport and Cotswold Connections.

Tuesday 15th April 10:30am

David Boag: Our Great British Mammals


The wildlife photographer and author will let us into the lives of British mammals, many of which are small, secretive and nocturnal. Their illusiveness makes photography a challenge but his images will enable us to get close views to enjoy their secret lives and discover many fascinating facts.

Monday 19th May 10:30am

NHS Falls Assessment and Education Service: Strong and Steady




When we reach the age of 45 or 50, balance and muscle strength begins to decline – and most of us don’t even notice it!  The team will talk us through steps that can be taken NOW to help prevent future falls and injury.

Tuesday 17th June 10:30am

Dr James Taylor: Horatio Nelson



Dr James Taylor, former curator of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich offers his acclaimed illustrated talk on Horatio Nelson for 2025, when Britain marks the 220th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Monday 21st July 10:30am

Jeff Evans: “They Think Its All Over! A History of Sport on TV”




Author and television historian Jeff Evans offers a lively, fully-illustrated talk, with lots of ‘I never knew that’ moments and bringing back many warm memories.

No meeting in August


Tuesday 16th September 10:30am

Dr Timothy Brain: The Life and Works of Henry Purcell



The former Chief Constable of Gloucestershire shares his passion for the life and music of the 17th century English Barque composer.


Monday 20th October 10:30am

Steven Tonkin: The Star of Bethlehem





Theories abound for the Star of Bethlehem. Astronomer Steven Tonkin looks at the actual evidence and its cultural context, discusses some recent astrological and astronomical interpretations and arrives at some definitive conclusions about the story.


Tuesday 18th November 10:30am

Chris Holister: Bread Through the Ages





Chris is Artisan Baker with our local millers, Shipton Mill in Long Newnton.   He will talk about the changes in milling, baking and grain varieties used through the history of humans.

No meeting in December