This is the first meeting of the  Curry Club held at an Indian restaurant in Malmesbury on Friday 24th September 2021.
For further details of next meetings please check out the Groups page
If you would like to join us just click on this Email CurryClub Group Leader link.
Photo by Chris Pope, photography group

Boules Group. Writeup by Keith Hodgson and photos by Jeremy North.

Tetburyu3a Open Morning, Tuesday 10th August 2021. Photo by Gail Moss (which is why G is not in the picture!)

Tetburyu3a Open Morning, Tuesday 10th August 2021. Photos by Steve Hammond

Short walks group with 6 new members at Beverston Castle, and a picture taken at St James Church, Ashley when we walked there from the Trouble House (when we needed to be socially distanced).

Playreading Group, 24th October 2021, at Tetbury Goods Shed reading “The Black Pit”. The Plague of 1665 – 1666 looked through the eyes of the Covid Pandemic 2019 – 2021, written by two of our members Stephanie Dale and Jeremy North.

First Boule session of 2022, lovely day and quite mild with NO rain!!