2021 Talk Dates

Alternate Monday and Tuesday mornings

Date 2021


Title of Talk

Please reserve the following dates in your diary. We have alternated Monday and Tuesday to help those who cannot make one day or the other. Talks to be held at the Tetbury Goods Shed 10.00 for 10.30am. Free admission to Tetbury & District U3A members. Please show your membership card on arrival at the front desk.

There will be refreshments afterwards and plenty of time to socialise those of you who want to mingle with fellow members (subject to Covid rules on the day). There will also be a stand for new groups which are forming and as many Group Leaders as possible will be on hand to talk to members.

This event will be admission free for members at the Goods Shed on 19th January at 10.00 am for a 10.30 start. New members can join at the door and non-members can enter for £5, which is refundable if converted to membership within 14 days. All are welcome.

Tuesday, 19th January

Dr. Phil Yates

Dr. Phil. Yates – will talk about his experience as medical doctor on various expeditions, including to base camp at Everest. Have you ever thought of climbing Everest or exploring new Continents? No need to undertake these adventures personally, hear all about it, particularly from a medical view, with Dr. Phil who has done all this on your behalf.

Monday, 15th February

Dogs for Good:

Can your dog empty the washing machine, help you undress or call for help? Our Speaker will tell us how these special dogs are trained to assist their owners with all sorts of tasks. If possible, to add to the talk, there will be a canine companion.

Tuesday, 16th March

SUE Limb ‘What’s so Funny?’

Script writer, novelist, biographer, Sue will tell us about her life in comedy. This will take the form of an informal interview. Now will be your chance to ask Sue questions about Radio 4’s ‘Gloomsbury’, ‘The Wordsmiths of Gorsemere’, writing for ‘The Guardian’ (‘Dulcie Domum’s Bad Housekeeping’) or about her life on an organic farm.

Monday, 19th April

Fiona James – Paris in the time of Toulouse Lautrec

We cannot offer you a chance to learn the Can Can, but we can offer an opportunity to absorb something of the atmosphere of Paris in the late 19th Century, it’s life, architecture and beau monde.

Tuesday, 18th May

Lynda Warren – People of the Titanic

A famous ship which was so much more than just its tragic history. Lynda will tell us something of the actual people who sailed and worked on her, The baby who drowned and was later identified by DNA, the kidnapped twins, the missing brothers and the lucky ones who missed the boat.

Monday, 14th June

Jonathan Barstow – The Bloodhound Project

How fast can you go? Including participation of school children around the country in the science, this is the story of an attempt (maybe successful by this time) to break the land speed record.

Tuesday, 20th July

Rose Hewlett – A village through time.

Rose is an expert on life in the history of Gloucestershire, in particular its houses. We are going to follow the history of a particular village from its very foundation in pre-history to the present day. A fascinating story of which we are all part in some way.

No meeting in August

Monday, 20th September

Caroline Lowsley-Williams

Filming at Chavenage House:
As we had to cancel Caroline Lowsley-Williams’ talk in October 2020, we can look forward to her telling us all the ups and downs involved in filming at a Stately Home, together with all the gossip.
NOTE – this talk will take place either September or October.   The alternative month may be “Only Fools and Corsets” – watch this space.

Tuesday, 19th October

Monday, 15th November

Chris O’Grady – Walking to Rome.

What made Chris. decide to walk from Pershore to Rome, following the old pilgrim roads equipped with a rucksack and four pairs of underpants? An uplifting story covering 2,000 kilometres and the kindness of strangers.

No meeting in December