2022 Talk Dates

Alternate Monday and Tuesday mornings

Please reserve the following dates in your diary.

Details of how to join the monthly Zoom talks will be emailed to all members and published in the News Bulletins.

We’ve changed the days of the Monthly Meetings to alternate Mondays and Tuesdays to allow more time for chatting afterwards over a coffee or tea, at the Goods Shed. This is a most important aspect of the u3a.

Monthly talks held at the Goods Shed

Monday, 17th January


Dr. Phil Yates

All that Glitters

Do you know how gold formed, or the rare materials in your phone?   Going back to the Big Bang, Dr. Phil, will explain how star dust turned into metals.   Those of you who enjoyed Phil’s talk last year will not want to miss this and those of you who missed last year, will definitely want to join us this time.

Tuesday, 15th February


Howard Robinson

Optical Illusions

Can you believe your eyes?   What you see may not be what you get.   Howard will amuse, bemuse and explain how our eyes can be fooled.

Monday, 21st March


Gillian Keightley

A life in Art

Gillian may already be known to some of you as she had a stunning exhibition at the Goods Shed a little while ago.   She is going to talk about her life as an artist, her struggle against discrimination, producing instant art for film backdrops and all in between.

Tuesday, 19th April


Lynda Warren

People of the Titanic

A famous ship which was so much more than just its tragic history.  Lynda, who comes to us fresh from teaching at Disneyland Paris and from her world-wide lecturing travels, will tell us about the actual people who sailed and worked on her. The baby who drowned and was later identified using DNA, the kidnapped twins, the missing brothers..and the lucky ones who missed the boat.

Monday, 16th May


John Barton


HannahLogan_and Crew_Stranraer-121 – Photo credit to RNLI / Nick Mailer

Do you ever go to sea, either in a small boat or large cruise ship or even relaxing on a lilo at the edge of the water? If you do, then you must feel safer knowing that the RNLI is there if  you have a problem.  John Barton will tell us something of the history, the characters and the courage of this voluntary organisation.

Tuesday, 21st June


Paul Barnett

Purton Ships Graveyard

The story of the largest ship graveyard in Britain. Our speaker today, Paul Barnett, has boats sailing around in his blood.

His father came from Newcastle but, forced by economic reasons, moved to Gloucestershire when Paul was six. As you can imagine, this was a considerable culture shock as Paul had never seen a cow before in his life, but the Tyne was replaced by the Severn and roaming the river banks as a child, Paul came across the Purton Hulks. Paul is going to talk to us today about the Purton Hulks, their purpose and history and about his passion for preserving them.

Monday, 18th July


Brian Barber

A radio station under fire in Liberia

Brian has worked as an Aid Worker for fifteen years in many African countries and in Afghanistan.  

His work was particularly about establishing lines of communication, often in war zones, and attracted a great deal of dangerous  resistance.

Air-lifted by French Special Forces during a civil war,  finding mass graves in Rwanda and caught up in a gun battle  between bandits and government troops in Nigeria, trailed by Secret police in Liberia and arrested as a suspected terrorist in Kenya, it is a wonder our Speaker today, Brian Barber, is here today to talk to us.

No meeting in August

Tuesday, 20th September


Roger Browne

New Orleans to New York in Music


A musical journey with demonstrations.

Roger had an early and long career as a singer from the age of four until eight. In 1958 he resumed his music career in Merseyside playing with a jazz band where he actually shared a bill with The Beatles. In 1968 he resumed his singing career and fell in love with musical theatre.

Today, he is taking us on a musical journey from New Orleans to New York and you do not even have to leave your seat.

Monday, 17th October


Chris Witts

My life on the Severn

WYESDALE H loaded, out of Swansea bound for Sharpness.

Our Speaker today is a Bristol man who very early on developed a passion for the River Severn.

Chris started his working life as a deckhand on a tanker barge. He worked many years on the river before joining the fire service but, eventually, he returned to his first love. Chris is going to tell us about his varied and interesting life on the Severn.

Tuesday, 15th November


Elizabeth Tebby Germaine

Dangerous journeys in Burma in WW2

Elizabeth is a an author, musician and artist. Her research through family and historical records, including some inherited documents and photos, has inspired her interest into this particular section of the Second World War.

No meeting in December