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A humorous take on our domestic appliances!

Talking to the machines


A visit to Bletchley Park. Please click HERE

A new website called GREYSNET has recently been launched with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund click HERE

Challenge from the Quiz Group

Answers to the Quiz Group challenge

It is an app developed by Guy’s, St. Thomas’s and King’s. They are trying to slow the spread of Covid 19 by identifying ‘at risk cases’ sooner. Participants report how they feel daily, even if they are well. You can download the app at Apple App Store and Google play.

Coping with Covid

Attributed to South West Herts U3A, via Robert Smith.

The comments might provide a bit of light relief for Tetbury’s U3A. Events and guidance have moved on since then, but nonetheless we look back to February when it was only flooding to worry about.

Coronavirus C-19 Pandemic Projects

The Trials and Tribulations of HM Queen Elizabeth II

David Hollister of the Members Out Together (MOT) group, which is doing no such thing at the moment, has been researching the life of the Queen. He says that, as with Eric Morecambe’s claim, the facts may not necessarily be in the right order.